The forms and documents located on this portion of the website are for the use of property owners.  Please remember that each property owner in Longmire on Lake Conroe must fill out an “application” and receive approval in writing prior to starting any outdoor projects, whether considered as a new creation or a repair of an existing part of our property.  This is contained in our deed restrictions.

So, before you begin your home improvement project, please fill out completely the “Property Improvement and Repair Application” and include any drawings, specifications, etc., then submit all for approval in accordance with the instructions on the form.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) will review your project for approval and may even visit with you regarding your plans.  Do not start any work until you have received written approval from IMC (our property management company).

External projects that need approvals include projects such as tree removals, painting, gutter replacement, driveway repair and/or replacement, mailbox repairs, roof repair and/or replacement, deck and dock repairs and painting, and bulkhead repairs.  Other projects that will need approvals and for property owners to submit applications are for the installation of fences, air conditioners, generators, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, patio covers, new pool or pool re-plastering; new trees especially on waterfront lots, and similar type home improvement projects.

We appreciate that you want your home beautiful and in top condition and so do we, that is why we have deed restrictions, please feel free to contact anyone on the ACC committee if you have any questions regarding these forms.

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Deed Restrictions

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