Deed Violation Notification Process

Please when you notice issues that you believe may be or in your opinion could be a deed restriction violation or issue that you would like to see addressed there is a process to follow to have that neighbor notified of the issue / violation. The process to get the issue / violation addressed is as follows:

1. You must take a photograph of the problem area / issue that you believe is in violation of our deed restrictions.

2. You must email that photograph to Megan at She cannot take any action against a resident without conclusive proof that there is a violation. One neighbors’ word against another is not sufficient evidence for her to take action.

3. In the future, board members are not to be contacted directly to address neighbors for possible deed violations, you should be contacting Megan. That is one of the purposes of our having a management company. Board members cannot take any actions to resolve a possible deed violation by themselves.

4. Of course, in any emergency, you should feel free to contact any board member, or the Deed Restriction Committee but a deed restriction issue is generally not going to be an emergency.

So everyone understands, a board member cannot send a violation letter out to a resident, only our management company does that, so notifying the board or the deed restriction committee only delays getting the violation resolved. There is a legal process and a process for deed restriction violations outlined in our deed restrictions and that is also covered by Texas Statutes that we and our property management company must follow and we comply with those requirements.

The board hopes this clarifies any questions residents have about who to notify when they observe possible deed restriction issues or possible violations.

Thanks for helping to keep our neighborhood nice!