Ladies of LOLC

Monthly Luncheons

On the last Thursday of every month (usually around 11:30), a group of LOLC ladies get together at a local restaurant for lunch and fun!  A different person plans and contacts the location every month.  Everyone is generally contacted through email. Email Aimee Duplantis if you would like to be added to the Lunch Bunch list!

Some places we’ve been to recently:  Black Walnut Café, Hacienda Mis Padres, Garden Café, Bings Asian Bistro,  Joe’s Pizza & Pasta,  Olive Garden, and Weng’s Wok.


A fun group of LOLC ladies plays bunko on the first Wednesday of every month.  Each player contributes five dollars ($5.00) to the prize pot.  All full-time players sign up as a pair to host one or two game nights.  The two hosts provide the location to play, the snacks and beverages for that night and an email reminder a few days before bunko night.

Don’t know how to play?  It’s easy – really!  Can you count to 6?  Then you can play! 🙂  Seriously, it’s harder to explain how to play bunko than to just play it!

If you don’t want to commit to playing every month, you can sign up to be a substitute.  If one of the regular players can’t attend, she will call you to see if you can take her place.

For more information about bunko, please contact Helen Mack .