Montgomery County Stay-At-Home Order

Good day LOLC Neighbors,

As you may know Montgomery County has issued a stay at home order. In that regard we are attaching a copy of this order so you can read it for yourself and understand the necessary requirements for us all to get through this difficult time. It outlines the County’s social distancing requirements, essential business and activities, allowed outside activities, the curfew times and parameters, as well as the consequences of violation of this order. For now, it went into effect at 2359 last night (27MAR2020) and will continue until 2359 on 12APR2020 unless amended.

Your Board hopes you are all well and if you have needs you can’t take care of yourself or you just need some help please contact any one of us or reach out to your neighbors you are close to. We all need help from time to time and in keeping with the American way we help each other.

Please be careful and follow the issued social distancing protocols so we can help minimize the spread of this virus.

Stay healthy,
Your 2020 LOLC Board

Montogomery Co Order